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Slide Valeri helped me run my first marathon by ‘fixing’ a problem I’ve had for 40 years being out of alignment from a Childhood injury. She first talked through my case, took X-rays and developed a plan of care. She gave advice with humor and skill. After an 18 mile training run, I was in severe pain - Sarah F. with an adjustment my pain was gone. Slide I first consulted Dr. Briski for back and knee pain and pain in the glutes and hips. There was a constant general feeling of discomfort, plus my knee had “popped” from exercise and hurt a great deal. I had tried traditional chiropractic in the past and received temporary relief for the back pain. When my knee popped, I didn’t want - Ann August to go to an orthopedic surgeon and my friend, Sue, kept saying how much Dr. Briski had helped her and her husband and how amazing it was. When Sue demonstrated what it felt like to get a treatment, I couldn’t believe it. It was so gentle, I had my doubts. Slide I highly recommend that anyone who is sick, suffering, in pain, or for prevention of these things to see Dr. Briski and Candi or ask them about an upper cervical doctor in their area. I tell as many people as I can about NUCCA and I’ve also started watching other people’s posture in public. Now that I’ve enjoyed the benefits of NUCCA, - Kurt Hubbard I wouldn’t want to be without it! I can tell when I am out of alignment and make an appointment immediately with Dr. Briski. I have also been able to see the difference Dr. Briski has been able to make in other family member’s health and lives using the NUCCA technique.
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