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Dr. Briski received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin in 2005 and then graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 2010.

Early in life, Dr. Briski was introduced to chiropractic by her parents to help with torticollis (severe contracture of the muscles in the neck) due to injuries sustained during birth. By age 13, Dr. Briski knew becoming a chiropractor was her calling in life so she could pass the gift of good health to others. As she progressed through her teen years, she began to experience many other health problems which became chronic, including a digestive disorder…

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis between my sophomore and junior years of college after having symptoms since the end of my senior year of high school.

I went from lifting weights and running daily, weighing 134 lbs at 5’9” tall, to being incredibly weak and avoiding exercise to not lose any more of the precious 92 lbs I managed to hold on to. For seven years I didn’t have a single good day and I basically cut everything out of my diet just to try to prevent the excruciating pain and more weight loss. I continued to become sicker and sicker and knew there was something missing because my body was unable to heal itself.

By the time I got to Palmer, I was at least able to gain ten pounds through dietary changes, but the torticollis came back with a vengeance. That’s when I discovered upper cervical chiropractic and a gentle, precise technique called NUCCA. I can honestly say it took about six months for my body to ditch the inflammation, but after that six months in 2009 through today, I haven’t had any issues with my digestion or torticollis. I have been able to add so many fantastic foods back into my diet and live a normal life. I was wasting away to nothing and now I can truly say that NUCCA care has saved my life.”

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