I first consulted Dr. Briski for back and knee pain and pain in the glutes and hips. There was a constant general feeling of discomfort, plus my knee had “popped” from exercise and hurt a great deal. I had tried traditional chiropractic in the past and received temporary relief for the back pain. When my knee popped, I didn’t want to go to an orthopedic surgeon and my friend, Sue, kept saying how much Dr. Briski had helped her and her husband and how amazing it was. When Sue demonstrated what it felt like to get a treatment, I couldn’t believe it. It was so gentle, I had my doubts.

From the moment you walk in to the office, Dr. Briski truly wants to help what ails you, and it is a very warm, inviting, friendly place. Now my knee pain is completely gone, my back and glutes no longer ache; I feel so much better! My husband and children are also undergoing care for back pain, severe in my husband’s case, and they all feel relief. I have told almost everyone I talk to about NUCCA and I recommend that anyone who is sick or in pain to go get your head on straight immediately! 

– Ann August

 I first came to Dr. Briski to help with pain I had been experiencing since early childhood, around 30 years. There was a lot of discomfort in my neck, low back, knees, and especially in the hips and shoulders. I had seen several other chiropractors in the past and I would experience some short term relief, although never completely gone, in the symptoms but they continued to reoccur. I had taken ibuprophen and iced, but not consistently so I just resolved myself to living with the pain.

I didn’t know if upper cervical care would help me any more than any other type of chiropractic and the adjustment was really strange. It felt like a little tickle behind my ear and I thought for sure Dr. Briski was crazy. Afterward I was shocked at the difference. I was happy to try something that would actually correct the underlying cause of my issues and not just treat the symptoms. I love the office, staff, and Dr. Briski. I experienced great results pretty quickly. Almost all my back, hip, knee and shoulder pain disappeared. My immune system is now functioning better and I don’t get colds or the flu in the winter and my cold sores have disappeared unless I am out of alignment and don’t have it corrected soon enough. I am now able to exercise comfortably and I feel great.

I highly recommend that anyone who is sick, suffering, in pain, or for prevention of these things to see Dr. Briski and Candi or ask them about an upper cervical doctor in their area. I tell as many people as I can about NUCCA and I’ve also started watching other people’s posture in public. Now that I’ve enjoyed the benefits of NUCCA, I wouldn’t want to be without it! I can tell when I am out of alignment and make an appointment immediately with Dr. Briski. I have also been able to see the difference Dr. Briski has been able to make in other family member’s health and lives using the NUCCA technique. 

– Kurt Hubbard

 Valeri helped me run my first marathon by ‘fixing’ a problem I’ve had for 40 years being out of alignment from a Childhood injury.

She first talked through my case, took X-rays and developed a plan of care. She gave advice with humor and skill. After an 18 mile training run, I was in severe pain with an adjustment my pain was gone.

I’d highly recommend Dr. Briski to anyone with running injuries or persistent back, stress problem. She’s great! 

– Sarah F.

 After 90 days following a fall and finding minimum relief and extraordinary frustration through traditional medicine and chiropratic methods, I was referred through a friend to NUCCA and to Dr. Briski by one of the nation’s top experts.

I had chronic level 8-9 referred pain, extraordinary muscle tension in my hip and thighs and tingling all the way down the shins. I had a torqued pelvis and femur, two bulging discs at L4 and L5 and a pinched nerve. I was taking 1200 MG /day of ibuprofen and/or acetomenophin, every homeopathic option I could find and flexeril nightly at its worst. I could stand but not sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Basic activities daily living like getting dressed were a struggle. Dr. Briski even had to perform my initial exam standing up. Not surprising to Dr. Briski, the assessment showed significant upper cervical misalignment, some of which was from birth. It explained many things.

My first adjustment was such a painless and fearless experience I couldn’t believe that this was going to work. Well, it did. I made significant improvement over the course of first few weeks and continued on that path. 9 months after my first visit, I am at level 0 pain most of the time, the last ibuprofen I took was one 200mg – three weeks ago (I overdid it). And I stayed our of the Neurosurgeon’s Operating Room.

9 months might sound long, but I realize the fall was actually a blessing in disguise as I had a lifetime of misalignment to reverse. Overall, I am a stronger and healthier person! I swim almost 1 mile 2-3 times/week and do strength trainging 2-3 times/week and am holding my alignment longer as predicted.

Dr. Briski’s truly holistic approach ensures that I am aligned head to toe (literally). It’s another dimension of her practice that really makes a difference and is not something you’ll find in all NUCCA practitioners. She collaborates with my other care givers, referred me to heat laser treatment for the acute muscle tension, provided tips on exercise and massage. Even my traditional PhD physical therapist referred a patient to Dr. Briski, becoming a believer after watching my progress and doing her own research.

NUCCA is more than short term pain relief. For me, its a cornerstone to good health that will not require weekly visits to maintain. You must commit to taking control of your own health, be patient, diligent and follow Dr. Briski’s “orders”. I am skeptic turned believer and highly recommended NUCCA and Dr. Briski. 

– Jean S.

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